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Strawberry Farmers Ponchatoula, LA
Strawberry Farmers Ponchatoula, LA

Ponchatoula Louisiana was a small town nicknamed “Strawberry Capital of the World” for growing so many strawberries during the turn of the 20th century. Even though Florida and California produced the most strawberries, Ponchatoula claimed to have the sweetest berries. Before the 1980s, Ponchatoula’s main export was commercial farming. In the past, there were major farming families who had their last names engraved on a large plaque standing in front of city hall. Isn’t it nice to know there a small town that cared about its farmers? Ponchatoula Louisiana became a tourism attraction after strawberry profits weren’t enough to sustain the town.

Ponchatoula Louisiana has a long and colorful history. 150 years ago Ponchatoula was a railroad town known for its logging and lumber mills. But Ponchatoula’s fortune in lumbering was not to last forever. The trees available to cut down began to run out. They also were a little too old.

Next came the rise of farming strawberries. Imagine hundreds of railroad cars transporting an entire room full of strawberries. When World War 2 came to an end, men returning from the war no longer wanted to waste their lives away for planting and selling strawberries even if they are the juiciest thing around. This is understandable as no one will be in the mood to farm for someone else after risking his or her life in a war they have no control of.

Not even the yearly strawberry festival beginning in the year 1972 could save the economy of Ponchatoula Louisiana from declining. Just when things begin to look bleak, a small group of worried inhabitants started antique shops. They lured in good businesses of all kinds. Soon, Ponchatoula went from almost nothing to a town full of people visiting restaurants and shops.

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There are many attractions to see in Ponchatoula Louisiana. You can find a 19th century train depot serving as the home territory for the Ponchatoula Country Market. Inside you can find arts and crafts for sell from local artists. If you are looking for history you can take a tour of the Hammond district. There are 95 buildings inside an area of 17 blocks. These buildings can be as old as 1881 or as young as 1944. A lot of interesting places exists in Ponchatoula Louisiana.

Where does the name of Ponchatoula come from? Its original meaning is derived from Indians. Ponchatoula means “flowing hair.” The flowing hair is the visualization or imagining of moss hanging from the trees.

Although Ponchatoula Louisiana is just another small town, the history of Ponchatoula is unique. Not all towns can claim to be a former lumber mill turned into strawberries farms. The people of Ponchatoula are so proud of their history they are willing to share their past with tourists. Some strawberry farms let you pick your own strawberries. This is very popular activity that your children will love.

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