Ponchatoula Strawberries

Strawberries: The Ponchatoula Louisiana Way

Faust Farm LA Strawberries
Faust Farm LA Strawberries

Enjoy strawberries the Ponchatoula Louisiana way. What better place to eat yourself to happiness than the “Strawberry Capital of the World.” This small but wonderful city boasts not only some rather rich history, plus a new theme of being an “Antique City”, it is also fertile ground for the very popular cash crop of strawberries.

Now there are a few people out there who will contest this claim, a friendly competition I’m sure, but no one can do strawberries like the “Deep South”, and strawberries the Ponchatoula Louisiana way has got to be the best. They grow mighty big down this way and the celebrations are just as big, sweet and juicy. The strawberry festival held in this part of the U.S.A is known to be the only festival to have not-for -profit vendors only, making it a great fund raising event for many charitable organizations. It is a wonderful testament to their claim for being the strawberry capital. You can also find strawberries at the Covington Farmers Market and in Denham Springs, LA which are a 30 minute ride.

Strawberry Farmers Ponchatoula, LA
Strawberry Capital Ponchatoula, LA

The weather this far south in to Louisiana is warm, very warm, and strawberries are available here from November until April. The strawberry was adopted as the State fruit in 2001. The second weekend of April of every year sees this wonderful fruit, and its importance, past and present, to this city, celebrated at the Strawberry Festival. You can eat your fill with all kinds of delicacies made from this wonderful red berry, or even indulge in a strawberry drink, or two. The year 2015 marks the 44th festival. It is as always free to attend so come out and enjoy some fun and food, games and music, or take in the crowning of the Strawberry Festival Queen; there is something for everyone in the family.

So come on down south and try strawberries the Ponchatoula Louisiana way. Known as the Strawberry Capital Of The World!

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