Ponchatoula Louisiana

Ponchatoula Louisiana The Strawberry Capitol Of The World

Antique Trade Days Vendor Booth
Antique Trade Days Vendor Booth

Ponchatoula Louisiana boast the largest Strawberry Festival is the largest strawberry festival of its kind in the United States. It takes place in a small town in SE Louisiana whose main product is Strawberries. It is also one of the cities that claim the title” Strawberry Capital of the World”. Just like any other Strawberry Capital of the World, it holds a Strawberry Festival annually. The Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula Louisiana is the largest festival in Ponchatoula and is held every second weekend of April. The festival is a fun event with lots of prizes up for grabs, for instance, strawberry farmers since ancient times are always honored with their names being put on the “Strawberry Farmer Wall of Fame”. In the area, strawberries are available for almost half the year; from November to April. Some farms let you pick your own

Ponchatoula Festivals

Antiques In Ponchatoula LAThe old downtown antique district of is known as the America’s Antique City because of its many antique, shops, art galleries and specialty shops that are located in old historical buildings. It holds the Antique Trade Days and Art & Craft Fair annually as well. The Antique Trade Days and Art & Craft Fair, is a three day outdoor festival that features collectible and antique booths, fine arts , furniture, stands and book racks, craft booths, etc. It is a free activity that is basically fun for the entire family.

Cypress - Antique Trade DaysFarming of strawberries has been the main source of income for Ponchatoula and surrounding area since the very early times. When farming stopped earning the town enough money to sustain it, they turned to tourism as the main source of income. Actually, farming became less productive after the Second World War when there was no cheap labor and people found better paying jobs in the nearby chemical industries. Tourism does well because of its many antique shops, a country market with booths for local craftsmen and artisans. Tourists are also attracted to this town for the Strawberry Festival and the Antique Trade Days and Art & Craft Fair festival which are held annually and are free to attend. Other important festivals in Ponchatoula include Mardi Gras and Octoberfest .

Small Town Atmosphere

The population of this small town is not high compared to other American towns and cities, but it attracts people looking for a place to raise a family due to its small population. It has a firm education system, good recreational facilities and a well-structured city government which makes it the perfect candidate for people looking for a good place to start a family. Much of the area has been renovated, both residential and commercial and historic buildings brought back to life. The population of Ponchatoula Louisiana has been increasing in recent years as people looking for the small town atmosphere as a good place to settle in and live.
Antique Trade Days

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