Ponchatoula Historic District

History Of Ponchatoula Historic District

Ponchatoula Depot Historic MarkerWithin the heart of Ponchatoula Louisiana, lies the Ponchatoula Historic District. Ponchatoula is a famous city because of its history on artisan and craftsmen exhibitions. Also known as America’s Antique City, the city got its name from the Choctaw Indiana Language. Its name is used to refer to Spanish moss on trees in the region. Ponchatoula Historic District is a good example of an area that has been restored to the years of yesterday. This area is based between Sixth Street and Railroad Avenue. The town is a turn-off-the Century commercial zone within Florida Parishes.

The Ponchatoula Historic District has a great history of strawberry production and this is an industry of great importance. The production of strawberry started in this city after displacing cotton production in 1910. By 1920, strawberry production in Ponchatoula Historic District took an economic boom whereby the area started to ship its produce to the whole of mid-western market.

Old Downtown PonchatoulaPonchatoula Historic District is an area that comprises of three streets that dominates the early 20th century buildings in the area. The area has more than 50 buildings, majority of which are one storey buildings made of brick. The only place in this historical area where the structure of buildings is quite different is West Pine Street Corridor. Unlike other areas, most of the buildings in this part of the district are two-story.

Other commercial buildings in the Historic District represent the change in style and design of houses from those house characteristics in the early 1990’s. The buildings constructed after 1910 are one story and are plain when it comes to comparison with those constructed before 1910. A good example of this comparison is the strawberry packing plant that stands East Hickory Street and the one-story commercial warehouse in the district.

The Historic District poses some scattering buildings of the early 1920’s. These buildings make the area unique and a tourist attraction center because these buildings are richly ornamented with unique designs.

Old Hotel In America's Antique City
Ponchatoula Historic District

The history of Ponchatoula Historic District demands that you have to acquire a certificate of appropriateness before constructing a tenant or owner building. This is applicable even for those who want to make changes to the exterior of a building. After applying for the certificate of appropriateness, the commissioner will either issue a certificate or offer you an advice on how to run the construction project in order to ensure that Historic District maintains its historic listing.

There are antique stores, cafes and other businesses are also within this historical area. You will find all sorts of antiques, from old furniture to signs and books that are over 100 years old you will find it here. Some people have coined the name America’s Antique City to the area of antique shops that are a big part of the Ponchatoula Historic District.


Steam Locomotive In Ponchatoula LA

Steam Engine And Coal Car Located In Ponchatoula, LA Next To The Railroad Tracks. This 1912 Locomotive was in use during the days when Ponchatoula was a booming lumber town. The Historic Train Station Depot is located across the street.  There you will see the restored Illinois Central Railway baggage Mail Car. This mail car houses the towns authentic Railway Post Office museum in the rear of the car.
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Old Steam Engine In Old Town Ponchatoula Old Steam Engine In Ponchatoula

Old Steam Engine In Ponchatoula

Steam Engine And Coal Car In Ponchatoula

Illinois Central Railway Baggage Mail Car
Mail Car

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