Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Louisiana REN FEST Hammond LA

Louisiana RenFest EntranceVisit the main site at https://larf.org/

I have taken a lot of pictures and some short videos of performers at the festival. I was very impressed with this festival and found it is fun for the whole family. The crowd was very friendly with many people posing for me as I took their picture. I have to say the owners and the people running this festival have a 1st class entertainment venue going.

Every year the festival is getting larger and better. The place was packed with people as you will see in the pictures. Even thought it was crowded with people there were no waiting in long lines for anything. The kids rides may have had 5 to 10 waiting in line but nothing longer than a few minutes. I attribute the short lines to there being so much to do. If you are hungry you will find a large selection of food to choose from. From the singing pickle guy to the turkey legs and about 15 other booths selling all types of food. For the people that just have the munches there is fresh candy apples, popcorn, cotton candy, stuffed baked potatoes and countless other stuff.

There were many live demonstrations going on. You have a wood carver, cotton weaver, face painting, several musicians playing instruments of the kinds. Several card trick and slight of hand magicians. I have to say that the glass blowing demonstration was one of the best.

I’ve saved the best for last. The jousting is probably the number attraction at the festival. The men in armor on the horses with their lances is really a sight to see. They are really doing the real thing trying to knock each other off their house. It’s a great show that happens two times a day. Make sure you see this one!

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There is a lot more that I have not covered. I will let the pictures and videos do the rest of the talking.

Louisiana Renaissance Festival
Louisiana Renaissance Festival


If you like to shop then you will love this festival. There are all kind of craft people displaying and selling their homemade goods. You have a wood carver, cotton spinner, glass blower, pottery, candle makers and the list goes on. Her are a few pictures of these shops and some videos of the people making their goods in action.


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The three people dressed up say they do this every year and love it. This is outside the festival at the ticket center. Lines move fast and it’s only a couple of minutes to get your tickets.

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