America’s Antique City

Old Downtown Ponchatoula Is America’s Antique City

America’s Antique City is the name given to Ponchatoula’s Downtown Historic Antique District. Originally founded in 1820 and later incorporated on 12th February 1861. The man behind Ponchatoula’s establishment is called William Akers. Even though Ponchatoula was originally located in Livingston Parish, the city is now located at Tangipahoa Parish. Its early establishment makes it the oldest incorporated city within Tangipahoa Parish and its surrounding area.

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Ponchatoula is named after a Choctaw Chief by its founder, William AkersAmerica’s Antique City Ponchatoula is named after a Choctaw Chief by its founder, William Akers. In establishing the city, local Indians played a big role in informing Akers about the history and landmarks of the region. Its name, Ponchatoula has several meanings and some of them include; “flowing hair”, “hanging hair” or “falling hair”. Spanish moss hanging from the trees is common in this city and that is why the name Ponchatoula was used so as to show the beauty of Spanish moss in the area.

Ponchatoula is given the motto, “Strawberry Capitol of the World” because of the presence of many strawberry farms in the area. Nowadays, the city has many tourist attractions, such as its famous Strawberry Festival, which is the second biggest celebrated festival in Louisiana, second only to Mardi Gras. The festival is nice for families and people of all ages who like to spend leisure time getting involved in outdoor activities; free food and other sorts of entertainment are offered, and the festival’s organizers take pride in the fact that only non-profit organizations are the event’s official vendors.

There are also monthly events that are held all over America’s Antique City city of Ponchatoula. They include Louisiana Treasures Museum, the Country Market, Kliebert’s Turtle and Alligator farm, and Collinswood Museum. This city offers amazing tourist attractions and it maintains a small town atmosphere all through the old downtown district.

America’s Antique City, Ponchatoula is situated near the Souths Crossroads of 2 interstate systems, Interstate 12 and Interstate 59. There are a lot of businesses and antique shops in the area. Some of them involve offering of services such as fine dining and salons, while others involve the selling of products such as furniture, children’s clothing, antiques and collectibles. Below are some pictures taken of the old downtown area with a store front of one of the antique shops. Ponchatoula is part of the Antique Trail that starts in Natchez MS and runs to Slidell LA.

It is easy to navigate the city of Ponchatoula especially in the Downtown. This is the main high way of the city. It is important to note that most businesses and tourist attractions are located in the old downtown district of this beautiful city. This area of the city allows parallel parking of cars especially on its main streets. The city is also structured in a way that large parking malls are placed just steps away from shops located near the railroad tracks shown in a picture below.

Remember America’s Antique City is a walking town, so feel free to wear tennis shoes on your way to the town and enjoy your leisurely stroll. A large number of antique shops line the streets along with an old time hardware store (picture at bottom of the page) that is part of the past.

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America's Antique City Min Street
America’s Antique City Min Street
Trails End Antiques Ponchatoula LA
Trails End Antiques Ponchatoula LA

Storefront America's Antique City

Train Station America's Antique City
Train Station America’s Antique City

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Ponchatoula Hardware Store
Ponchatoula Feed & Seed Store – Hardware Store

One of the oldest original stores in the area, Ponchatoula Feed & Seed is still an active store with all sorts of supplies for the farmer. From baby chicks to trays of seedlings ready to be planted this store has a little bit of everything. Step back in time and history and have a fun visit to a store from the past that makes America’s Antique City come to life.

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